How Dictation Equipment Has Evolved Over The Years

Olympus dictation equipment

During the earlier years of the previous century, in fact, it goes back a lot earlier than that, dictation equipment of the human kind was in full use. A well presented lady, a secretary, personal assistant or office administrator, would be required to attend a briefing by the company manager whereby he would dictate all notes, memoranda and instructions to the lady concerned. She would do this well enough, given the speed at which he was dictating.

She had what is known as the remarkable skill of shorthand note taking. In fact, old school journalists are still using this manual tool of trade. But the debate goes on. Are their recordings accurate? Would it not be preferable for them to solidify their work processes by simply taking to readymade and easy to use dictation equipment. Once the press briefing commences, all they have to do is switch on their device and listen.

The pioneering Olympus dictation equipment came to replace the lady at her desk busily transferring her shorthand notes to a more readable form. Was she made redundant as a result? One does not know. Let’s hope that she too was placed in a position to make improvements in her life. Nevertheless, the legendary Olympus device also moved along with the times. Today, it remains a tried and trusted specialist brand for all to use.

Many more professionals are taking full advantage of its use now that it is built to quaint, pocket sized specifications. It is lightweight and can be inserted into a jacket pocket, ready to be used anywhere other than the office, the boardroom or the pressroom. It is so easy to use, even a baby could use it. But then again, the things that today’s kids can do today.