Every reputable online casino has a strict verification policy. Usually, on the first withdrawal or a withdrawal above a certain amount, a player must confirm his identity. Not everyone is happy with these formalities. However, they are absolutely necessary and you should never play at a casino without verifying your identity. Read on to learn how to properly confirm your account.

Why do you need casino verification?

Suppose you have just read an impressive five-star review of a casino and want to register there right away. To create an account, you usually need to upload a photo or scan of your ID. Some operators require additional proof, such as a photo of your bank card or a scan of your registration card. For newcomers, these requirements may seem daunting.

They arise for three important reasons:

  • The casino must make sure you are legally allowed to play (you meet the age requirement).
  • The platform must protect consumers from fraud attempts, such as unauthorized use of credit or debit cards and other payment methods.
  • The operator must prevent the creation of multiple accounts by the same person, which is done in order to collect the same bonuses multiple times.

How do you get verification at a casino?

Once you’ve found a platform that suits your needs, check its terms and conditions (you should have no problem finding them). Study this document carefully, paying close attention to such intricacies as withdrawal requirements, wagering requirements, etc. Then create your profile and be very careful. If you make a mistake, it will hinder further verification at the casino.

Remember that players are prohibited from opening several accounts in their own name. Your profile must contain only verifiable data. Depending on the platform’s policy, you may be asked to provide copies of various documents.

Most often, casino sites ask for:

  • a high quality scan/photo of your ID card,
  • a copy of your driver’s license,
  • a scan or photo of the bank card used for deposits, and a
  • a screenshot of the payment system used to fund your account.

Is it dangerous to send your data?

Some players feel uncomfortable sending photos of their debit or credit cards. However, the casino will never ask you for your CVV code, which is required for every online transaction. As long as you play at a licensed site with a positive reputation, your data is safe. They will be stored on secure servers.

Data leaks to the network are unlikely. If the platform is suspicious, its owners may share your confidential data with third parties for bad purposes. Therefore, choose your casino carefully.

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